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Pankaj Tripathi

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Pankaj Tripathi the proprietor at Aemmi’s is a well-known tattoo artist, not only in Jodhpur but also throughout the whole nation. He is been tattooing since the year 2010, and has a volley of big accomplishments under his hands.

He has had a knack for drawing over since he was 5 years old and to chisel this art of his has been his only dream.

In his school and college years, he received numerous awards for drawing, which encouraged him to continue his art in all forms.

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The show ‘L.A.Ink’ and the growing trend of tattooing really inspired Pankaj to get into world of tattoos.

After few years of tattooing he took advanced training of drawing from artist Manak Joshi that helped him to improve his skills not only on papers but also on skin.

In 2015, He also worked as an assistant to the legendary and world renounced tattoo artist PAUL BOOTH at Heartwork Tattoo Festival.

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